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WEIRDNUZ.326 (News of the Weird, May 6, 1994)

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Subject: WEIRDNUZ.326 (News of the Weird, May 6, 1994)

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From: News of the Weird, May 6, 1994 by Chuck Shepherd

* Frances Bobnar of Adamsburg, Pa., filed a lawsuit against the
Pennsylvania Lottery Commission in March, claiming that she and family
members have spent over $150,000 on lottery tickets during the last ten
years but have never won. [Philadelphia Inquirer-AP, 3-23-94]

* In a July story on odd names in England, the Wall Street Journal
reported on the plight of a women's scholarly organization in the town
of Ugley.  Said spokesperson Irene Camp, "We try to call ourselves the
Women's Institute of Ugley, but it never sticks." [Wall Street Journal,

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