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31 May
YAUOTC -- Unclear On the Concept #xxx

Date: Tue, 31 May 94 15:40:41 PDT
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        VUGHT, Netherlands (AP) -- Some of the Netherlands' most
dangerous prisoners are on a hunger strike because they are not
allowed to watch television 24 hours a day.
        Warden Paul Koehorst said Wednesday that 10 inmates in the
maximum security wing of the Nieuw Vosseveld prison began refusing
food Monday.
        He said eight had since dropped out, but two were still refusing
solid food. The two men, who were not identified, were only
drinking coffee and instant soup, he said.
        ``If necessary we have doctors, but it seems to me now more like
a diet,'' he said.
        The inmates are kept in individual cells because they are
considered dangerous and likely to try to escape. Each cell has its
own television, which prisoners are allowed to watch from 5 p.m.
until 1 a.m. on weekdays and round-the-clock on weekends.
        ``They have to do some work and other activities. It's not good
to lie in bed all day and night watching TV,'' said Koehorst.

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