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31 May
The Techno Gourmet Korner -- K00l C0ffee Drinks

Date: Tue, 31 May 94 15:46:23 PDT
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Subject: The Techno Gourmet Korner -- K00l C0ffee Drinks

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               Top seven "grunge-out" k0ffe drinkz.    
                        By ApTeryX    
APTERYX: coffee snobs, this is the RIGHT way to do it!

1. Arkansas coffee 

     1 packet of Instsant General Foods International coffees.
     4oz Mountain Dew

   Drink off the top 8oz. of the Dew, add the coffee from the 
nation of your choice into the can, and down it.  The more 
stale the ingreedients the better.

2.  Sedimentary Coffee    

     1 milk chocolate bar
     6 spoonfuls of instant
   Crush the chocolate bar and mix it with the instant into just 
enough boiling water so that the mess will slide down the cup and 
into your mouth.    
3. Dirty Hair Coffee  

    1 cup of very oxidized coffee
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    a bit of confectioners sugar
    whipped cream
    chocolate sprinkles

   Top your soiled coffee with whipped cream.  Next, pour the 
oil onto the creamm, top with sugar and sprinkles.  This is a real 
mindset drink, looks like somone shaved into your cup.......

4. Brazillian killer ant coffee

     a cup of coffee
     broken cinnimon sticks
     big ants

  This is a fun drink, especially for the kids.  Add the 
cinnimon sticks to the coffe and let the ants go!  they will 
climb up onto the twigs floating in it and get real scared.  
Now, whenever an ant tries to escape you pluck it off the cup 
and take a big 'ol bite out of it.  Lots of protein.

5. Teenage angst coffee
    4 tbsp Nutmeg
    Real cold coffee
    4oz Robitussin maximum strength

  Mix the cough syrup and nutmeg, then add coffee to fill up 
the mug.

6. Beavis & Butt-head coffee

    A beer
    Jolt Cola

   mix.  add toad slime to taste.

7. Techno-k0ffe

    Coffee crystals
   Dope with a mix of Amino-acids, brain damaging chemicals, 
and smart drugs.  Hey, we're raving, you just don't understand.
its  generation-x.   can someone say FLAKE?!?!  crunch this....                

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