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9 Jun
1994 NEA Heritage Fellowships

Date: Thu,  9 Jun 94 18:41:37 PDT
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Subject: 1994 NEA Heritage Fellowships

From: "William G. Evans" <wge4v@POE.ACC.VIRGINIA.EDU>
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Greetings to all!
        While not of specific bluegrass content, I thought many
list readers would like to know that Johnny Gimble, the great
Western Swing fiddler from Dripping Springs, Texas is one of
eleven recipients named as 1994 National Heritage Fellows by the
National Endowment for the Arts. Other recipients include Liz
Carroll, Irish American fiddler; Clarence Fountain and the
Blind Boys, African American gospel singers; Mary Gabriel,
Passamaquoddy basketmaker; Frances Graves, Hispanic American
storyteller; Violet Herbert, Native American storyteller; Sosei
Shizuye Matsumoto, master of the Japanese tea ceremony; D. L.
Menard, Franco-American Cajun musician/songwriter; Simon
Shaheen, Arab-American oud player; Lily Vorperian, Armenian
embroiderer; and Elder Roma Wilson, African American harmonica
        National Heritage Fellowships are awarded by the
National Endowment for the Arts each year to honor those
considered masters in traditional artforms. The winners receive
a one-time only award of $10,000. They are selected on the
basis of authenticity, excellence and significance within a
particular artistic tradition. They also must be deserving of
national recognition, have a record of continuing artistic
accomplishments and be actively participating in their art form
(these are quotes from the press release, BTW).
        Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley and Earl Scruggs are
previous National Heritage Fellowship recipients. To my
knowledge, it is the highest honor bestowed nationally to those
who engage in what is generally called *traditional* arts.
        Just thought you might want to know...

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