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16 Jun

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 14:03:53 PDT
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Subject: Dum-Da-Dum-Dum

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         ROME (Reuter) - An Italian physics student is ringing the
changes with a condom that plays classical music if it splits
during sex.
         ``When a condom breaks you need to be warned urgently so
that it can be changed in time. Mine will do it with a quick
burst of Beethoven,'' amateur inventor Lino Missio, 26, said 
         ``I've got a prototype and it works just fine.''
         Missio, who studies in Genoa, said his musical condom, which
he patented this week, was coated with a special compound whose
ability to conduct electricity changed when the condom splits.
         A minute, flexible microchip at the base of the condom
measures any changes in the condom's electrical properties and
sounds the alarm.
         ``It needn't just play music. You could get it to give you a
verbal warning,'' Missio told Reuters. He said he was looking
for a company to help him develop and market his invention.

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