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17 Jun
wrist pain

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 94 13:37:39 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: wrist pain

[I'm broadcasting this because so many Fun_People are musicians... -psl]

From: Charles Donaghe <cddonaghe@HALNET.COM>

   I stumbled across a mailing list on a listserver(like this one) only
the list has to do with RSI (repetative stress injuryies).  It is not
really a discussion list but sends out a bi-monthly newsletter on RSI.
Each issue also contains an index to back issues and articles with
information on where the back issues are stored so you can go get them. When
you subscribe you get the latest issue.  One back issue had some information
on some gloves the were really supposed to be good in relieving wrist
pain.  Anyway the address is

leave the subject line blank and the first line and only line in the
message should be

subscribe RSI

This will get you the latest issue of the newsletter if you are interested.

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