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17 Jun
It loses something in the translation...

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 94 15:17:31 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: It loses something in the translation...

[Or as Thurber wrote: "He's having all his books translated into French;
 they lose something in the original."  -psl]

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From: a French brochure on the Gaillac region: <courtesy of a-alices>

Vine-growers know how to do it, how to invite you fruitful ideas and no 
problems of intendancy are the elements wich put that feast to the 
higher point.

That is a remarkable show everybody have noticed on one's diary.  From 
far people goes to it!

A real revival for that millennial city.  Transforms it, opens it, 
wine, this opportunity modifies it, modulates it and make it better...

Photo caption:  Penne -- Middle age village under a castle which 
silhouette seems to be mutilated.

Let me know if you want some more!

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