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17 Jun
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From: Internet World, July/August, 1994: 17

   What's the dumbest thing you can do with e-mail?  Ask Christopher James
Reincke, an eighteen-year-old freshman at the University of Illinois in
Urbana, who sent a message to President Clinton:
   "I am curious, Bill, how you would feel about being the first president
to be killed on the same day as his wife...You will die soon...."  He signed
it "Overlord."  Sure he sent it anonymously, but anonymous e-mail is for
protecting yourself from nasty, late-night phone calls, not the Secret
Service.  With help from the university, they tracked him down and arrested
him.  He was released without bail, pending a hearing, and faces five years
in jail and up to a $250,000 fine.  Don't try this at home.

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