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10 Jul
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Date: Sun, 10 Jul 94 17:43:28 PDT
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From: WhiteBoard News for July 06, 1994

Britain's Appeal Court has been asked to review a murder
trial because three jurors allegedly used a Ouija board to
contact one of the victims before finding the man guilty.

Vandals in Red Deer, Alberta, have uprooted the marigolds
in City Hall Park five times, reworking the floral "Welcome
to Red Deer" greeting to spell "Welcome to hell."

A Dutch town council is considering an experiment that would
give burglars a full pardon, a furnished home and
cancellation of all their debts to help them behave.

A Dallas, Texas, lawyer charged with bigamy didn't think he
was breaking the law because his second marriage was
performed by an Elvis look-alike, prosecutors said.

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