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10 Jul
Wire-crossed lovers

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 94 18:05:04 PDT
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Subject: Wire-crossed lovers

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LONDON, July 2 - A terrified British mother put police on red alert
after mistaking the sound of lovemaking for a cry for help from her
daughter.  *The Independent* newspaper said on [July 2] that two
accidental phone calls woke the woman in Devizes, southern England, in
the small hours of the morning.  Hearing moaning, groaning and shouting,
she dismissed the first as an obscene call, but in the second she
recognised her daughter crying:  "Oh my God," and heard a man's voice.

Convinced her daughter was being attacked in her bedroom 100 miles (160
km) away, she dialed the emergency number 999 and a police squad sped
to the daughter's home to investigate. "Officers rushed round and found
she wasn't being attacked -- in fact she was quite willing," a police
spokesman said.  "They explained that during the moments of passion one
of the couple accidentally pushed the last-number redial button on the
bedside telephone with a toe.  Unfortunately on both occasions it was
the girl's mother's phone number," he said. "This is a warning for other
people -- if you're going to indulge in this sort of thing, move the

The mother and daughter have apologized to police for the confusion.

[Reach out and toe someone?  This gives new meaning to "having your
buttons pushed".]

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