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12 Jul
Grinding & Grunting

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 13:02:55 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Grinding & Grunting

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From: Sam Levitt <71574,>

From: "Walter Scott's Personality Parade" in Parade magazine 7/10/94
	(included in the Boston Sunday Globe):

 Q: My friend and I have a bet over who wrote the theme music for NYPD Blue.

 A:...Five-time Grammy Award-winner Mike Post, 49, has composed more than
 3000 hours of theme and background music for such TV shows as 'Hill Street
 Blues,' 'The A-Team,' 'The Rockford Files,' 'Law & Order,' 'Renegade' and
 'L.A. Law.' For 'NYPD Blue,' says Post, he wanted to capture the way NYC
 assaults the auditory senses.  To accomplish that, the composer digitized
 the sounds of a grinding cheese grater and 1000 grunting Japanese men
 stomping on a wooden floor."

As they say, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  I can't wait until
Tuesday night so I can listen for the assault of the grinding cheese grater
followed by 1000 grunting Japanese men (presumably Sumo wrestlers in their
underwear) stomping up and down.

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