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29 Jul
Facing the music?

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 94 19:18:18 PDT
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Subject: Facing the music?

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WEIRDNUZ.334 (News of the Weird, July 1, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* Italian physics student Lino Missio, 26, announced in Rome in May that
he had just patented a condom that will play Beethoven if it breaks
during use.  The condom is coated with a substance that changes
electrical conductivity upon rupture, setting off a microchip that
produces the sound.  Missio said he might include, instead of music, a
verbal warning to the participants to stop what they're doing
immediately. [Edmonton Journal, 5-28-94]

* Recent tragedies befalling people while worshiping:  At least 250
Muslims were trampled to death while inching toward a cave for the
symbolic stoning of the devil during the annual pilgrimage in Mecca,
Saudi Arabia, in May; ten Tanzanian Seventh-Day Adventists drowned
trying to walk on water as a test of faith near Dar Es Salaam in
October; more than 100 drowned near Calcutta in January as two boats
returning from a Hindu pilgrimage collided; three churches were
destroyed and 19 worshipers killed during Palm Sunday services when
tornadoes struck in Piedmont, Ala. [New York Times-AP, 5-25-94; Orlando
Sentinel, Oct93; New York Times-Reuters, 1-16-94; Chicago Sun-Times-AP,

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