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3 Sep
Airline seating policy

Date: Sat,  3 Sep 94 11:25:32 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Airline seating policy

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From: (Gary Teter)

In article <341srp$>, (Paul Linden) wrote:

>Does anyone know if airlines have a policy for where on a plane
>they seat passengers?

Yes. Tall people must fly coach.  Fat people get the window seat (and are
served a diuretic).  Mothers with small children sit together in a group,
as far from the toilet as possible.  Lonely salespeople sit next to people
carrying either books or pillows.  Dead people go with the checked baggage.
Cremated dead people go with the carry-on luggage.  Vultures go with the
carryon as well.

Gary "coffee, tea or me?" Teter

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