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6 Sep
Late Breaking News in the DYnamic LANguage controversy

Date: Tue,  6 Sep 94 18:20:06 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Late Breaking News in the DYnamic LANguage controversy


CAMBRIDGE (Rueters)-- Pop idol Bob Dylan announced today that he
intended to sue Apple Computer for misappropriating his name.
The singer said that he was mainly disturbed by the thought of
having his name associated with Algol-like syntax.  "I didn't
have any problem with the first version," he was quoted as saying,
"but when I saw the Interim Reference Manual, it was just, like,
a total downer.  They completely sold out."
  Mr. Dylan was reportedly willing to drop his suit if Apple
changed the name of the new language to Lisp.  "It's just a big
public-relations thing not to call it Lisp, anyway," he was
quoted as saying.  But the singer advised Apple to return to
prefix syntax in any case, reportedly saying that it would "make
macros a lot simpler."

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