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7 Sep
Streamlining the localization process?

Date: Wed,  7 Sep 94 14:11:20 PDT
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Subject: Streamlining the localization process?

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Maybe we could use this in streamlining the localization process here...
(Forwards eliminated having.)

A letter to the editor of a Bay Area newspaper from Peter Amstein of 
San Francisco, thoughtfully sent to me by my uncle:

Dignifies Mr. Carroll:

I have thought, you want learns amuses becomes that,
that is, no longer necessary engages first year students
of English as a second language about to produce illegible
translations of instruction-handouts and advertisement-

I acquired only a new piece of software, has screamed
German Assistant, of MicroTac Software, which manufactures
promises, translations to, and of German automatically.  There
is also versions for French, Spanish, and Italian.  I have this
letter manufactures through translates my first conscription
of English too German and then back again.  Quite effective,
do you not, think?

In defense of MicroTac, that manufactures me says, that
they don't claim, the software perfect translations.  Or even good
translations.  Stretch legible text.  That is an allegation,
that I go, you appreciates itself.

Prestige to you on your wonderful column.

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