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12 Sep
Items from WhiteBoard News

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Condom, France:

The southwest town of Condom, a name with Latin roots
linked to the confluence of two rivers, ordered a study
of opening a contraceptives museum to cash in on
foreign tourists' amusement at the name's English

Las Vegas, Nevada:

The winner in a contest to find the funniest reason to
visit Las Vegas wrote: "Because I've been married 36
years and still like to see my husband lose his pants."

Enumclaw, Washington:

Along with the usual riding and roping events found at
most rodeos, the second Greater Northwest International
Gay Rodeo, which wrapped up Sunday at the King County
Fairgrounds in Enumclaw, offers a little something

Among the additional activities are the following

Goat Dressing, in which a team of two contestants catch
a goat, fit a pair of men's jockey shorts over the back
legs and hindquarters, then race back to the starting
line and tag the judge.

Steer Decorating, in which the goal is to tie a ribbon
on the tail of a steer.

Wild Drag, which calls for a three-person team (a man,
a woman and someone in drag).  The cowgirl has to try
to hold the steer in place with a rope while the cowboy
puts the teammate in drag on the steer.  The teammate
must then ride the steer across the finish line.  The
event has a three-minute time limit.

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