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Weirdness [343] - 2 Sept 1994

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Subject: Weirdness [343] - 2 Sept 1994

From: WEIRDNUZ.343
by Chuck Shepherd

* In July, a 32-year-old woman who works in the wardrobe department at
Universal Studios in Hollywood got lost while driving on the lot and
found herself following a tram.  The tram, carrying visitors, proceeded
down the middle of the "Red Sea" attraction, in which the waters are
mechanically "parted" for the tram.  However, at the instant the tram
completes the trip, the water is released, and the woman was thus
trapped in the middle of the "sea" for about an hour until firefighters
rescued her. [L. A. Times, 7-10-94]

* In Morristown, N. J., in June, police arrested Stanley Robinson, 34,
for drug possession.  Robinson had stopped his car to allow a parade,
with police escorts, to pass.  About a dozen officers were standing in
front of Robinson's car when he decided to pass the time by counting
the ten vials of cocaine he had with him. [Morristown Daily Record,

* Jill Mayfield, 21, accepted the marriage proposal of Doyle Kelley,
35, in Joplin, Mo., in June.  It would be Kelley's third marriage;
Joplin police have charges pending against him for strangling his first
wife and drowning the second in a bathtub.  And in April, Lillian Elease
Lewis, 42, married Lucien Samuel Sherrod, Jr., in Nashville, Tenn.,
despite Sherrod's present incarceration on charges that he killed his
second wife and an indictment against him for attempted murder of his
first wife. [Neosho Daily News-AP, 6-27- 94; The Tennessean, 4-13-94]

* In July, officials at California Polytechnic Institute at San Luis
Obispo set up a video camera to find out who was responsible for a rash
of vending machine breakins on campus.  One man was caught on tape and
arrested, and the police seized his truck.  The Los Angeles Times
reported that the man later paid the impound fee on the truck with 924
quarters. [L. A.  Times, 7-22-94]

* Customs officials, aided by drug-sniffing dogs, arrested Mary Gray,
43, of Chicago at O'Hare Airport in June as she returned from Jamaica
with 27 pounds of marijuana in her suitcase.  She said she thought the
marijuana would be undetectable because it was sprinkled with a "magic
voodoo potion" that she had bought from a witch doctor in Jamaica.
[Chicago Sun- Times, 6-10-94]

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