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22 Sep
The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 14:18:02 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

[Excerpted and forwarded with permission from the mini-Annals of Improbable
Research ("mini-AIR").  -psl]

1994      The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony Approacheth -- details

1. Who will win?
All will be revealed on Thursday, October 6, at 7:30 pm. at MIT's
Kresge Auditorium.  Prizes will be awarded in 10 categories to
individuals whose achievements "cannot or should not be
reproduced."  Several of the winners will be present to receive
their Prizes from the genuine Nobel Laureates.

2. Heisenberg Certainty Lecturers
Each Heisenberg Certainty Lecture is on a topic of the speaker's
own choosing, and is striclty limited to 30 seconds.  The time
limit is enforced by a referee. This year's Heisenberg Lecturers
include: Nobel Laureates Sheldon Glashow (Physics), Dudley
Herschbach William Lipscomb (physics), and Richard Roberts
(Physiology or Medicine); astronomer Margaret Geller; and Marvin
Minsky, the father of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Returning Laureate Address.
This year's Returning Laureate Address will be delivered by Jim
Knowlton, the 1992 Ig Nobel Art Prize winner (shared with The U.S.
National Endowment for the Arts) for his seminal poster "Penises
of the Animal Kingdom." Mr. Nolan will speak on the topic, "Onward
and Upward."

4. Ig Tickets.
Tickets are on sale at the MIT Museum Shop in The MIT Student
Center.  The price is $2 per ticket.  There will be a strict limit
of five (5) tickets per person.  We have been asked to remind you
that scalping is illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
For ticket information call 617-253-1533.

5. Calling all Delegations!
A limited number of seats is reserved for official theme
delegations of 4-12 beings (human participants only).  The
Ceremony commences with the formal Grand Entrance Parade of the
Delegations, an experience not to be missed   If you wish to bring
a delegation, please get in touch IMMEDIATELY with:
     Margaret Ann Gray     617-253-0217

6. Poster Pestering
If you are located near Cambridge (MA) and would like to hang some of
our ultrachic 30" x 15" Ig Nobel 1994 Ceremony posters where people
will see and be shocked by them, please drop by the MIT Museum
and pick some up.

7. AIRhead proliferation.
An impressive number (of which we did not keep track) of readers
responded to our manipulative offer to become an AIRhead for a
Day.  These AIRheads are taking copies of our attractively
appalling flyer, and handing them out or posting them at
conferences, meetings, and classes, and in libraries and,
especially, in rest room stalls. If you would like to be an
AIRhead, please email us at <>.  [And yes, yes, we
finally did create a postscript file version of the flyer, which
we will email to any AIRhead who asks.]

    1994 IG NOBEL PRIZE CEREMONY   Thursday, Oct. 6, 7:30 pm
                                   Kresge Auditorium, MIT
                                   Tickets: $2

    ******* 10% Discount for Nobel Laureates over 65! ******

POST-CEREMONY LIVE IG RADIO                     Fri. afternoon, Oct. 7
National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation/Science Friday" will
broadcast an hour of live interviews with Ig Nobel Laureates,
Nobel Laureates, and hecklers who participated in the previous
night's ceremony. Check your local NPR station for broadcast time.

SCIENCE FRIDAY IG BROADCAST                     Fri. afternoon, Nov. 25
"Talk of the Nation/Science Friday" will broadcast a (nearly)
complete recording of this year's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. This is
the day after Thanksgiving in the US.  Check your local NPR
station for broadcast time.

1994-05-10      Calls for Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS on the topic "Iterated Punctuation."  Please
explain what, if anything, you mean by this phrase.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the 1995 Ig Nobel Prizes. Ig Nobel Prizes
are awarded for achievements that cannot or should not be
reproduced. Nominations may be submitted, anonymously or
otherwise, by e-mail or by standard mail.

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Irreproducible Results"

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