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22 Sep
Excerpts from mini-AIR 9/94

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 14:18:27 PDT
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Subject: Excerpts from mini-AIR 9/94

[Excerpted and forwarded with permission from the mini-Annals of Improbable
Research ("mini-AIR").  -psl]

1994-05-04      Advances in Science

"The Air Force is reacting to the EPA ban on CFC's by replacing
them in the cooling systems of the intercontinental (ballistic)
missiles with 2 to 10 nuclear warheads on board.  If they are ever
fired, it will be an environmentally friendly nuclear holocaust,
not threatening the Ozone layer."
    -- Access to Energy, July 1993

(Thanks to Paul Monaghan for bringing this to our attention.)

1994-05-08      May We Recommend...

Research reports that merit a trip to the library:

"Azoreductase Activity in Bacteria Associated with the Greening of
Instant Chocolate Puddings," "Applied & Environmental Microbiology,"
Vol.60,#8, pp.3027-3029.  (Thanks to investigator Dean C. for bringing
this to our attention.)

"Wavefront amplitude distribution in the female breast," by Qing
Zhu and Bernard D. Steinberg, " Journal of the Acoustical Society
of America," Vol. 96, No 1, July 1994.  (Thanks to Jonathan Mead
for bringing this to our attention.)

"Insect physiology," Sir Vincent B. Wigglesworth, London, Methuen,
1966.  (Thanks to Gladys Carkeek for bringing Sir Wigglesworth and
his life's calling to our attention.)

"Effects of egg yolk and glycerol levels in lactose-EDTA-EGG yolk
extender on the motility of frozen-thawed stallion spermatazoa," by
Cristanelli, M.J., Amann, R.P., Squires, E.L., and Pickett, B.W.,
"Theriogenology," vol. 24, 1985, pp. 681-686.

(We welcome your suggestions for this column.  Please include full
citations. If possible, please send us a photocopy of the paper.)

1994-05-11      Purpose of mini-AIR (*)

The mini-Annals of Improbable Research (mini-AIR) publishes news
about improbable research and ideas. Specifically:

A) Haphazardly selected superficial (but advanced!) extracts of
research news and satire from The Annals of Improbable Research.

B) News about the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony.

C) News about other science humor activities intentional and

1994-05-13      How to Receive to mini-AIR, etc.(*)

mini-AIR is an electronic publication, available over the
Internet, free of charge. It is distributed as a LISTSERV
application.  We publish approximately 12 issues per year.
To subscribe, send a brief E-mail message to either of these
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