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28 Sep
Jury Duty

Date: Wed, 28 Sep 94 07:31:10 PDT
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Subject: Jury Duty

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From: (Dale Murphy)

   Many are called but relatively few ever serve on juries. Here are
some of the excuses culled from the files of the Los Angeles County 
office of the jury commisioner from the past.

l. "I am livering [sic] in another city. I can't do jury service."
2.  "Glad to serve, if I could get a ride to Los Angeles County from
    Folsom State Prison." (Could we make a country western song about
    this one?)
3.  "I watch hummingbirds for a living, and the hummingbirds are hatching
    at this time of year."
4.  "I  cannot serve. My poodle is in heat. The dog downstairs is a mongrel
    and I am afraid he will get to my poodle."
5.  "I cannot serve. I am under my doctor's car. [sic]"
6.  "I have the dizzy flu and I fell on my head. Now hopefully I will
    be better soon."

Source: L.A. TIMES, September 27, l994

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