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weirdness [345] - 16 Sept 1994

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From: WEIRDNUZ.345 (News of the Weird, September 16, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* Desmond Morris's latest documentary, "The Human
Animal: The Biology of Love," now on TV in England,
will appear on U. S. cable TV in January and picture a
human orgasm--from inside the vagina.  A tiny camera,
similar to those used for diagnosis of the colon, was
placed inside Wendy Duffield, 31, and another was
strapped onto her husband's penis.  The couple
reportedly had sex about 60 times to assure sufficient
footage. [Chicago Tribune-Reuters, 8-18-94] 

* In June, police in Deventer, Netherlands, arrested
six women and a man they said had been robbing local
supermarkets.  The women would enter the market and
disrobe down to their underpants to create a
distraction, while the man walked into the manager's
office and grabbed money. [Tampa Tribune-AP, 6-7-94] 

* In May, a Denver, Colo., judge sentenced Oliver
Thomas Oster, 77, to serve 12 months in prison for four
attempted bank robberies.  Oster, who was said to
resemble the near-sighted cartoon character Mr. Magoo
and who is unable to walk, attempted the robberies from
a car at the banks' drive-in windows and used a gun so
rusted that the cylinder wouldn't turn, which was
irrelevant, said his lawyer, because Oster lacked the
physical strength necessary to pull the trigger,
anyway. [Denver Post, 5-7-94] 

* Last fall, in Memphis, Tenn., a Loomis Armored truck
guard was robbed by two men just as he was about to
enter a supermarket to make a pickup.  The gunmen fled
with the large bag the guard was carrying, which, since
the guard was entering the store at the time, was
merely a bag containing other empty money bags.
[Lebanon (Tenn.) Democrat-AP, 10-15-93] 

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