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2 Oct
The California Desert Protection Act

Date: Sun,  2 Oct 94 23:37:15 PDT
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Subject: The California Desert Protection Act

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From: Audubon folks: please share with *everyone*. Thanks. Paula

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 Sb: CA Desert Needs Help
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Help!!!  Please!!! Please!!! Please!!!
The California Desert Protection Act, seemingly headed for successful
conclusion after nine years and overwhelming votes for House Bill and Senate
Bill passage, is being prevented from going to House/Senate ("work out the
differences") Conference Committee by Sen. Malcolm Wallop (R-WY) and
sympathetic colleagues.

Your help is needed this week to smash this election year  ploy stonewalling
of the largest land protection bill in the history of the  United States
outside Alaska.

1. Contact Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) (Phone: 202-224-3841; Fax: 202-228-
3954).  Thank her for sponsoring the Desert Protection Act, her bill.  Urge
her  to do whatever it takes to bring a desert bill home this year.
2. Contact Sen. George Mitchell (D-ME) (Phone: 202-224-5344; Fax:
202-224-6853). Tell him that passage of Senator Feinstein's California Desert
Bill this year  is very important to you.  Urge him not to let Senator Wallop
and company  control the fate of the California desert and to get the bill to
the  President's desk before Congress adjourns this weekend or next.

3. Determine an amount of time (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour)
you  will devote to disseminating/networking this information to others.  The
goal  is 1000 communications in the next 48 hours!!!

 Thanks in advance for whatever you are able to do!
Bob Barnes, Western Regional Office Chair, Audubon's California Desert Task

Background for the California Desert Protection Act:  Crafted (maps and text)
by over 100 grassroots volunteers in the early 1980s. First introduced by Sen.
Cranston in 1986. Nearly 8 million acres...largest in the history of the lower
48 states. Redesignates and expands Death Valley as the largest National Park
in the lower 48...over 3 million acres.

Redesignates and expands Joshua Tree as a National Park...3/4 million acres
Creates a 1.5 million acre Mojave National Park. Designates and adds nearly 80
units comprising almost 4 million acres of Bureau of Land Management land to
the National Wilderness Preservation System.

Officially endorsed and supported by over 100 Audubon Chapters nationwide. Now
in its 9th year. Has finally passed both the House and
Senate...overwhelmingly. Being held up by Sen. Malcolm Wallop using procedural
means. Passage will clear the way for attention and work on a backlog of other
land protection/environmental proposals according to Congressional sources.

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