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3 Oct
Some jargon & Mother GUI

Date: Mon,  3 Oct 94 17:25:04 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Some jargon & Mother GUI

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BIO-BREAK :  Teckie euphemism for going to the toilette.

COOPETITION :  The phenomenon of computer companies joining their competitors
on a project-by-project basis.  The resulting products are known as

FAWOMT :  Stands for "Frequently Argued Waste Of My Time".  A recurring
argument that, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and going and going and
going.  The alt.cyberpunk debate over why William Gibson (authour of
Neuromancer, etc.) doesn't have an e-mail address is a FAWOMT.

INVERSE VANDALISM  :  Making things because you can.
Q. "Why did you make MS-DOS?"
A. "Because I could.

IQueue  :  The line of interesting e-mail messages waiting to be read after
you have deleted all of your junk and floodgater mail.

MULTI-MEDIOCRITY  :  Boring, poorly-done CD-ROMs (or any other multimedia

SILIWOOD :  Short for "Silicon Hollywood", the coming convergence of movies,
interactive television, and computers.  (and I thought it was referring to
the Playboy Mansion).

BIT-SPIT  :  Any form of digital correspondence (text, bitmapped images, fax
transmissions, etc.) or the act of sending it.  "Did you bit-spit that file
to Jane yet?"

MARKET-LENINISM  :  Replacing Marxist-Leninism as the new governing style in
China.  Combines the iron fist political rule of Leninism with the
gun-slinging permissiveness of free-market capitalism.

MOUSE POTATO  :  The online and interactive-TV generation's answer to the
Couch Potato.

PASTE BOMB  :  A random or non-sequiturial piece of data that is cut from
one's hard drive and pasted into an online conversation.  Meant to entertain,
infuriate, and generally befuddle online conversants.  Sci-fi authour and Net
spider Bruce Sterling is a notorious paste bomber.

(Dr.) STRANGELOVE OCEAN :  Ecology slang for an ocean where pollution has
killed all the life forms near the water's surface, making it look like a
glassy, nuked, wasteland.

SYNTHESPIAN  :  "Synthetic thespian". Used in 3-D computer animation to
describe sophisticated human forms that can be imported into a virtual world.
Also called "electronic puppets", "dolls", or "vactors" (vactored actors?).

INFORMATION SUBWAY  :  The Hacker version of the Information Superhighway.

TRAFFIC JAM  :  "Memory management."  "Disk is Full."  etc.

	Mother GUI's Nursery Rhymes. (from Wired?)

Mister Cole had remote control             Murray had a big TV
And remote control has he                  With colours bright as life
He gets CNN                                And every time he turned it on
He gets HBO                                He forgot about his wife.
And he gets his MTV.
Skipping through the dial
All night from dusk to dawn                Mary had a boombox
Grazing four and eighty channels           The loudest one in town
And still there's nothing on.              And everywhere that Mary went
                                           They shouted, "Turn it down!"

Hackery dackery duck
My stupid mouse is stuck                   Are you beeping?  Are you beeping?
I can't pick                               Mister Stack?  Mister Stack?
And I can't click                          Get your pocket pager.
Hackery dackery damn!                      Get your pocket pager.
                                           Call them back.  Call them back.

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