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4 Oct
Whale Love

Date: Tue,  4 Oct 94 18:59:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Whale Love

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From: "Vanyel" <>

These two female whales are swimming along and they see these two cute male
whales.  So they wink at each other and decide to swim on over to 'em.  Just as
they're getting up on 'em, a big whaling boat comes along and harpoons the
males and scoops 'em up in a net!

The females are angry!  They are swimming around furious!  Then one says to the
other "Hey! I've got an idea. Let's inhale a lot of air and dive down really
deep and swim up and blow off the air and swamp their boats and knock 'em
into the water and eat them!"

And the second one says "Hey! Maybe I'll give a blow job but I'm not
swallowing any seamen!"

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