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5 Oct
Accordion players get no respect

Date: Wed,  5 Oct 94 17:33:15 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Accordion players get no respect

Forwarded-by: Martin Jara <>
From: Erik Butterworth <>

  I received the following from my sister.  Thought this group was
the place for it.

There's been a discussion on the Morris list that I thought you might
find humorous.  About the "White Rats" a gay/lesbian/bisexual/s&m
team from the Bay area (where else?)  They appeared at a recent
festival for S & M types and attached bells directly to their arms
(sterilized needles and surgical thread, apparently).  Anyway, in
a bunch of people with spikes for hair and rings through their noses,
the following quote was heard,

"Oh my God!  Those bells are sewn onto their arms.  And they have an
accordian player with them.  That's sick!"

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