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5 Oct
Fun with Lobsters

Date: Wed,  5 Oct 94 17:36:30 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Fun with Lobsters

Forwarded-by: mcg
Forwarded-by: Davis W Frank
From: the Sept. 1990 issue of Shooting Times magazine, page 23, without 

    This month's best dumb crook award has to go to a lobster thief.
This sticky-fingered shifty pocketed a couple of live lobsters and ran 
from the store.  One of the lobsters, however, got nervous when the man 
started to run and clamped it's claws on the crook's testicles.

    When the police found him writhing in pain, he was trying to pry
the lobster's claw loose, but wasn't having much luck.  A store clerk 
with a pair of pliers quickly eased the thief's agony.

    When the ambulance arrived, the man was in terrible pain and by
the time he reached the hospital, he had passed out.  Surgeons spent 
three hours trying to "repair the damage."

    The store owner benevolently refused to press chsrges.  "The poor
guy has had enough trouble for one day.  Just thinking about what 
happened to him makes me hurt."

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