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6 Oct
Alternating radio

Date: Thu,  6 Oct 94 13:54:43 PDT
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Subject: Alternating radio

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[Probably nobody outside of Seattle cares about KUOW's stand,
 but you might want to know to ask locally.  I've heard some
 of these shows & they're good.  Thanks, Phil!]

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"Alternative Radio" is a 1-hour weekly program produced by David Barsamian. 
It is broadcast on public stations in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia,
and on short-wave radio on Radio for Peace Itnernational; but it is not
yet regularly available in Seattle.  This public affairs show airs
lectures and interviews to provide information, analyses, views and
perspectives that cannot be found anywhere else.

Topics Include:  Corporate media, ecology, environmental racism, foreign
policy, Gulf war, health care, history, international news and issues, the
Middle East, NAFTA, Native American issues, racism, sexism, social
justice, and much more.

Speakers Incude:  Noam Chomsky, Winona LaDuke, Howard Zinn, June Jordan,
Cornel West, Jennifer Harbury, Ward Churchill, Barbara Ehrenreich, Edward
Said, Holly Sklar, Russell Means, bell hooks, Ralph Nadar, and more.

Ross Reynolds, the Program Director at KUOW, has not committed to airing
"Alternative Radio" weekly.  Starting Oct. 4th, the show will be on
satellite, and it is available free of charge.  Let KUOW know that we
want "Alternative Radio" on a weekly basis!  Write to Ross at KUOW,
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, or call him at 543-2710,
or e-mail him at

For additional information, or to receive a free copy of the Alternatvie
Radio Catalog of available tapes and transcrips, call Liz at 726-0300.

Part 2: David Barsamian is coming to Seattle in person - he just wrote a 
book with Edward Said and Noam Chomsky, and will be at Rad & Black Books, 
432 15th Ave E, Friday Nov. 11, 7:30 pm.
Part 3: If you're interested in reading and discussing about issues and 
concerns such as those presentd by Noam Chomsky, please come to the 
University Library, 5009 Roosevelt NE,  Monday, Nov. 21, 7-9 pm, for a 
joint meeting of two existing Chomsky discussion groups and possibly the 
formation of new groups.

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