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18 Oct

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******************* RANDOM FILLER ATTACHES ITSELF HERE **************

Butterflies appear each spring.
They flap their wings to cause hurricanes far away and sunny days nearby.
The Invisible Hand claps in the forest, keeping time with solar flares.
Once you know what to listen for, it's easy.
Once you've heard it you'll want to make it stop but can't.
There was once a BFD. It was quirky and malicious and made things happen.
Now all important things happen by accident, and nothing can be predicted
but futurists. For this is the era of post-futurism.
Would the real meat machine please raise its hand?
Dogs don't live as long as long as people. 
They are easily taken advantage of.
However, the need for expensive hairnets prevents them from working at
The madman cried in the marketplace. 
He cried for his own reasons. 
Perhaps antibiotics would have helped. 
Him that is. 
Literature might have suffered.
Well, you can't break an egg without making an omelette.
They say Americans have no sense of history. 
But they have always said this.

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