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22 Oct
Miscellaneous Criminal Behavior

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 94 00:37:34 PDT
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Subject: Miscellaneous Criminal Behavior

From: WEIRDNUZ.348 (News of the Weird, October 7, 1994)
By: Chuck Shepherd

* In January William L. Swearingen pleaded guilty to the attempted bribery
of state lottery officials in Baton Rouge, La.  He had written a letter,
complete with his name and address and 17 numbers that he normally plays,
and suggested that if he could win two drawings, he would give most of the
money in the second drawing back to the officials.  He wrote that he was
tired of being poor and wanted to spend more time with his family.  Wrote
Swearingen, "I would like to win so that I could have about $375,000 each
year to live on after state and federal taxes." [Baton Rouge Advocate,

* Among recent suggestions by municipal governments to restrict teenage
"cruising" in public places at night was one by the Florida Department of
Law Enforcement.  To get kids off the street, the New York Times reported
in August, Florida is considering installing low-pressure sodium street
lamps because they render caucasians' complexions a "sickly" color and make
acne look grotesque. [New York Times, 8-16-94]

* Jackie Lynn Adams, 19, was charged with burglary in November after he
allegedly broke into a home in Monterey, Tenn., and stole a VCR.  Apparently
to build his nerve, Adams had pulled into three driveways in the
neighborhood before the break-in, thus drawing neighbors' attention.  When
he finally chose a house, it was the Monterey police chief's and contained
two VCRs, one of which was broken.  Adams took that one, then had to have
it fixed to make it ready for sale.  Thus, the chief got his VCR back in
better shape than it was when stolen. [Nashville Banner, 11-3-93]

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