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22 Oct
Beer, Honor, & Football...

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 94 23:25:35 PDT
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Subject: Beer, Honor, & Football...

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From: WhiteBoard News for October 21, 1994

This item comes by way of Ed Grether:

London, England:

Beer drinkers and chocolate lovers might cringe, but a
big British brewer thinks a marriage will please the
palate and go down smooth.

Odd as Fuggles Chocolate Mild may sound, the Whitbread
Beer Company of London is introducing the brand in
2,000 British pubs beginning yesterday.

Whitbread is convinced drinkers will be enticed by "a
beer you wouldn't think exists."

Washington, District of Columbia:

The U.S. government believes that Russia's intelligence
service, obliged by a "debt of honor" to one of its
most successful spies, may try to deliver between $1
million and $2 million to the wife and son of confessed
spy Aldrich Ames.

Moscow already paid Ames more than $2.5 million before
he was caught in February, but investigators think
Russia still owes more to Ames for his past work.  As
he is serving a life sentence for his espionage, the
payoff would likely go to his wife, Rosario, and the
couple's 5-year-old son.

The United States would prefer not to see further
rewards flow to Ames' family -- but under similar
circumstances the CIA would do exactly the same.

New York, New York:

Steve Jacobson, of Newsday, quoting Paul Brown, the
famous football coach, on advice to his players who
reached the end zone:

"Act like you've been there before."

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