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23 Oct
Microsoft Acquires Department of Justice

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 94 14:57:46 PDT
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Subject: Microsoft Acquires Department of Justice

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Microsoft Acquires Department of Justice

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Oct 14, 1994-- Microsoft Corp.(NASDAQ:MSFT)
confirmed today that it is aquiring the Department of Justice as an
addition to its impressive legal department. The agreement was signed
today for an unspecified sum.  Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft
Corporation, said, "You never can own too many lawyers."

The Department of Justice is expected later today to withdraw its earlier
objections to a recent merger between Microsoft and Intuit, Inc.
(INTU:NASDAQ). The Department no longer feels that sole control of the
entire computer software industry strictly constitutes a monopoly.

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