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24 Oct
Congressional Email

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 12:12:14 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Congressional Email

[Here's just the thing for doing your democratic duty and making your opinions
known -- email addresses for the 103rd Congress.  Use 'em soon!  Use 'em often!
 Note that some of these addresses will only be good until the next term since
their owners aren't running for re-election... -psl]

                            United States Senate
     ST        Name                 E-Mail Address 
     ID        Craig, Larry
     IL        Simon, Paul
     MA        Kennedy, Ted
     MN        Durenberger, Dave    senator_durenberger@durenberger.
     NM        Bingaman, Jeff
     VA        Robb, Charles 
     VT        Leahy, Patrick
     VT        Jeffords, Jim 
                   United States House of Representatives
     ST  DS   Name                  E-Mail Address
     AR   4   Dickey, Jay           JDICKEY@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     AZ   1   Coppersmith, Sam      SAMAZ01@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     AZ   2   Pastor, Ed            EDPASTOR@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     CA   1   Hamburg, Don          HAMBURG@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CA   7   Miller, George        FGEORGEM@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CA  12   Lantos, Tom           TALK2TOM@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     CA  13   Stark, Pete           PETEMAIL@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CA  14   Eshoo, Anna           ANNAGRAM@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CO   2   Skaggs, David         SKAGGS@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CT   2   Gejdenson, Sam        BOZRAH@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     CT   4   Shays, Christopher    CSHAYS@HRA.HOUSE.GOV
     FL   6   Stearns, Cliff        CSTEARNS@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     FL  12   Canady, Charles       CANADY@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     FL  20   Deutsch, Peter        PDEUTSCH@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     GA   6   Gingrich, Newton      GEORGIA6@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     IL  14   Hastert, Dennis       DHASTERT@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     KA   1   Roberts, Pat          EMAILPAST@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     ME   1   Andrews, Thomas       TANDREWS@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     MI   3   Ehlers, Vernon        CONGEHLR@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     MI   4   Camp, Dave            DAVECAMP@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     MI  14   Conyers, John         JCONYERS@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     MN   3   Ramstad, Jim          MN03@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     MN   6   Grams, Rod            RODGRAMS@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NC   4   Price, David          PRICE@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     NC   7   Rose, Charlie         CROSE@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NC  11   Taylor, Charles       CHTAYLOR@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NC  12   Watt, Mel             MELMAIL@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     ND       Pomeroy, Earl         EPOMEROY@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NJ  12   Zimmer, Dick          DZIMMER@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NY   7   Manton, Thomas        TMANTON@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NY  23   Boehlert, Sherwood    BOEHLERT@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     NY  27   Paxon, Bill           BPAXON@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     OH   2   Hoke, Martin          HOKEMAIL@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     OK   5   Istook, Jr. Ernest    ISTOOK@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     OR   1   Furse, Elizabeth      FURSEOR1@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     OR   4   DeFazio, Pete         PDEFAZIO@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     PA  16   Walker, Robert        PA16@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     TX   3   Johnson, Sam          SAMTX03@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     TX   6   Barton, Joe           BARTON06@HR.HOUSE.GOV 
     UT   2   Shepherd, Karen       SHEPHERD@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     VA   6   Goodlatte, Bob        TALK2BOB@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     VT       Sanders, Bernie       BSANDERS@IGC,APC.ORG 
     WA   1   Cantwell, Maria       CANTWELL@HR.HOUSE.GOV
     WA   9   Kreidler, Mike        KREIDLER@HR.HOUSE.GOV
                  U.S. House of Representatives Committees
   Education and Labor
     Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations
   Natural Resources
   Science, Space, and Technology
   The above information was compiled from the Senate and House Gophers.
   Corrections/additions to

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