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25 Oct
Scout Report Excerpts

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 17:51:40 PDT
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Subject: Scout Report Excerpts

Excerpted-from: Scout Report: October 21, 1994

World Wide Web

"Welcome to the White House:  An Interactive Citizens' Handbook" was
announced Thursday, October 20 by President Al Gore on C-SPAN and the
Internet's Multi-cast Backbone (M-bone). The White House Web server is a
great starting point for finding government information, including
executive branch offices and agencies, and the ongoing Government
Information Locator Service (GILS) initiative working to provide easier
access to government information. It's well organized, has a nice look and
feel, and good response time. 

 From the White House Press Release:

"In an effort to make government information more readily accessible to 
citizens across the country, Vice President Gore, joined by Associate 
Director for Technology in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, 
Lionel S. (Skip) Johns and world-renowned artist Peter Max, today (10/20) 
unveiled the first interactive, multimedia, electronic citizens' handbook 
on the White House, including detailed information about Cabinet-level 
and independent agencies, and information about the First Family and the 
White House. "Welcome to the White House:  An Interactive Citizens' 
Handbook" provides a single point of access to all electronic government 
information on the Internet, a vast electronic computer network used by 
people in more than 150 countries. Examples of accessible material 
demonstrated at today's event include information about the President and 
Vice President and their families, a virtual tour of the White House, 
detailed information about Cabinet-level and independent agencies, a 
subject-searchable index of federal information, and a map of Washington, 


A University of Louisville journalism class is taking the Breeder's
Cup 1994 from the racetrack to the Internet. The students are working in 
the Churchill Downs press box disseminating information about the Nov. 5 
Breeder's Cup via the World Wide Web. Beginning Oct. 25, students will 
post daily summaries of the morning workouts and provide the latest 
analysis from the backside. Through a partnership with IgLou, the 
Internet Gateway of Louisville, the students' reports will be available 
on the World Wide Web, complete with text, graphics, video, and sound. 
For more information on the program, contact the instructor, Hugh 
Finn, at


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and other announcements seen on the Internet during the preceding week.
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