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25 Oct
More Socially Irresponsible (but vague) Humor

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 18:48:30 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: More Socially Irresponsible (but vague) Humor

From: (Daniel Steinberg)

Jon Carroll, who writes for the S.F.Chronicle, once printed a column on Generic
Humor, of which that [referring to the previous Fun_People posting on "Socially
irresponsible humor" -psl] could be considered an example.  Ray Bierl has been
particularly fond of them, as well.  Here are some of Jon's (paraphrased), some
of Ray's, and some others they have spawned... though i'll warn you in advance,
they are much better to hear than to read (that is, if they're told well):

Members of three different professions each approach a task in a manner
characteristic of his or her profession.

A laborer in an agricultural community has an intimate encounter with a

A city-dweller suffers an indignity at the hands of a farmer.

Members of three different ethnic groups confront a challenging situation.
The first two handle it ok, but the third fucks it all up.

A misfortune befalls a member of the legal profession.

A person walks into a bar, orders a drink, and offends somebody.

Several politicians are talking together, and each reveals himself to be
stupider than the last.

A gentleman has an unfortunate encounter in a brothel.

A drunkard inadvertantly humiliates someone who really deserves it.

There's a particular kind of a verse
In which the second line rhymes with the first.
The third and fourth line
Are also in rhyme
But the last line is always the worst.

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