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27 Oct
Stiff competition for the Emily Latella award...

Date: Thu, 27 Oct 94 12:12:02 PDT
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Subject: Stiff competition for the Emily Latella award...

From: Alice Smith (Rho) <>
Subject: RE: Weirdness

Peter, I LOVED your fetus/spaghetti story [see below -psl].  In appreciation,
I send you the following excerpt from the "Sheriff's Report -- Camano Island"
column in a recent issue of the _Stanwood-Camano News_:

	On Aug. 28, malicious mischief was again reported
	in the Lost Lake area, where a resident saw what she
	thought was "satanic graffiti" on a mailbox.  But it
	turned out to be a piece of bologna with mustard on it.

[Ne-ver mind... -EL]
|From: Peter Langston  <netmail!pud!>
|Subject: Weirdness [347] - 30 Sept 1994
|Excerpts from WEIRDNUZ.347 (News of the Weird, September 30, 1994)
|by Chuck Shepherd
|* A New York City Emergency Medical Services crew that was called to a
|Macy's restroom on July 25 diagnosed the contents of a plastic bag that a
|cleaning woman had found in a toilet as a fetus.  A few minutes later, a
|crew from the city medical examiner's office arrived and correctly
|determined that the bag contained spaghetti. [Albany Times Union-AP, 7-26-94]

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