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28 Oct
Weird News Excerpts

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 94 12:51:35 PDT
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Subject: Weird News Excerpts

Excerpts from: WEIRDNUZ.349 (News of the Weird, October 14, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In suburban Seattle, Wash., in July, according to
allegations, a 33-year-old state trooper, who had made a
routine traffic stop of a 20-year-old man who was rushing
his girlfriend to an abortion clinic, detained the couple
for 90 minutes so they would miss their appointment, while
attempting to talk them out of the abortion.  They were
forced to follow the trooper to a church, where a woman
continued to exhort them.  [Seattle Times, 9-16-94]

* The city of Buffalo, N. Y., agreed in August to pay $4,000
to two Niagara Falls men arrested in 1991 on drug charges.
Police accused the men of swallowing drugs and thus forced
them to vomit, which the men said violated their rights.
[Syracuse Herald-Journal-AP, 8- 10-94]

* At a San Diego, Calif., public school in February, a
17-year-old boy showed up for class one day with a handgun
in his car, which was parked in the school parking lot.
School rules called for his expulsion, but his lawyers
successfully claimed that he suffers from Attention Deficit
Disorder, which caused him to forget that the gun was in
the car, and thus he could not be expelled.  (School
officials said the incident was the first they had heard of
the boy's disability.) [Insight-San Diego Union-Tribune,

* Testifying on behalf of a colleague in a murder trial in
Hillsboro, Ore., in July, Hell's Angels' leader Ralph
"Sonny" Barger said the government's theory--that Michael
McClure killed four former Angels in retribution for
testifying against another Angels' leader--was wrong.
Barger admitted, "We really don't care for [turncoats],"
but would not kill them.  He was asked what typically would
be turncoats' punishment.  Answered Barger, "They get voted
out of the club." [AP wirecopy, Jul94; Seattle Times-AP,

* In December, Curtis Shields, 29, was convicted of stabbing
a 20-year-old neighbor in Chicago after the two men argued
over who had the greater knowledge of black history.
[Chicago Sun-Times, 12-22-93]

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