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28 Oct
Remember KFAT?

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 94 22:15:55 PDT
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Subject: Remember KFAT?

[Garlic & music -- who could ask for anything more?  - psl]

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From: WhiteBoard News for October 28, 1994

Gilroy, California:

If you can smell fun, take a whiff.

Garlic Country, USA, a new $500 million, 180-acre
entertainment park, is being built in Gilroy, the small
town that's home to the annual Garlic Festival.
Scheduled opening: 1996.

Don't let the name fool you.  Garlic Country USA won't
be an amusement park with rides shaped like the pungent
bulbs.  Instead, it will be a music-themed
entertainment park along the lines of Branson,
Missouri, with places for concerts and other live
entertainment, as well as retail and dining complexes.

"There'll be country music, pop and rock venues," says
spokesman Jeff Nead.  And although no garlic-themed rides
are planned, "You'll know you're in the garlic capital of
America.  You'll get there and smell it," he says.

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