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31 Oct

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 94 12:23:54 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: MPQOTM

From: Neil Gershenfeld <>

I just ran across a good candidate for the MPQOTM (Most Presumptuous
Questionnaire Of The Month) award: Harvard's survey for the new alumni
directory. You're meant to write "P10" in a little box if your job title is
"His Royal Highness", and so forth. When you're all done, you can then get the
directory for $85.



Code	1. Title/Prefix
----	---------------
A10	Admiral
A20	Ambassador
A30	Archbishop
B10	Baron
B20	Baroness
B30	Bishop
B40	Brother
C10	Captain
C20	Commander
C30	Chaplain
C40	Chief Justice
C50	Colonel
C60	Count
C70	Countess
D10	Dean
D20	Dr.
E10	Ensign
F10	Father
G10	General
L10	Lieutenant
L20	Lieutenant Commander
L30	Lieutenant Colonel
L40	Lieutenant General
M10	Major General
M20	Major
M30	Miss
M40	Monsignor
M50	Mr.
M60	Mrs.
M70	Ms.
P05	Her Royal Highness
P10	His Royal Highness
P20	Professor
R10	Rabbi
R20	Rear Admiral
S10	Sir
S20	Sister
T10	The Honorable
T20	The Honorable Justice
T30	The Most Reverend
T40	The Most Reverend Archbishop
T50	The Reverend
T60	The Reverend Canon
T70	The Reverend Dr.
T80	The Right Honorable Lord
T90	The Right Reverend
T95	The Right Reverend Dr.

[But what do you use if you're a governor or a president or a duke or ... ? 
What I think is particularly hilarious is the codes themselves - let's see, you
take the first letter of the title (e.g. "C" for "Count" or "T" for "The
Reverend"), and then make up a two-digit number, I know, let's space them by 5
or 10 in case we find we've missed one...  Harvard, huh?  Anybody from Harvard
care to point out any MIT peccadillos?  -psl]

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