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31 Oct
Re: Exact quote

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 94 18:06:22 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: Exact quote

[An alert correspondent in Oregon's largest city writes the following to keep
me posted on all important matters transpiring in that city...  -psl]

From: steven <>

dr. langston,
  greetings from puddleville.  jessie tells me there's an item in the
oregonian today concerning a confrontation that took place at your buddy
crandall's favorite haunt, the lutz tavern, on thursday last.  it seems the
bartender(owner?) determined that a, um, 'client' had had enough beverages
for one evening and when this fellow requested more, the bartender refused.
well the friendly patron became much less friendly on hearing his wish would
not be granted, and he and the bartender became involved in quite a verbal
exchange.  they were apparently literally toe-to-toe, just like earl weaver
and pick-your-favorite-american-league umpire.  now apparently, as the
bartender was trying to press a point, he inadvertantly discharged some
saliva which landed on his debating partner. the customer, in disgusted
reaction to thinking he had been spat upon, stuck his tongue out, and into
the bartender's mouth, who promptly bit off a goodly portion of it.
  just thought you might want to advise your pal to consider steering clear
of the lutz (hard to say the word with only half-a-tongue) for a bit, you
should pardon the expression.

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