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3 Nov
Comedy writers, on...

Date: Thu,  3 Nov 94 12:27:12 PST
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Subject: Comedy writers, on...

[This will be the last Fun_Person mail for a few days.  The hiatus will last
until 11/7 (while I go to a conference).  Here's a chance to catch up on your
reading, or your sleep, or something...  -psl]

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From: ShopTalk for Thu, Nov 3, 1994

       Comedy writer Tony Peyser, on Judge Lance Ito looking to
       sequester jurors somewhere with exercise facilities: "If
       he wants a place with a weight room, pool and tennis
       court, how about O.J.'s house?

       Comedy writer Leslie Coogan, on Mike Huffington saying
       that interviewing a nanny is "the most important interview
       you will ever have in your entire life": "Wanna bet that
       his upcoming interview with the INS will rank right up

       White House Shooting, Redux: David Letterman says there's
       a brighter side: "Now when President Clinton runs for
       reelection, at least he can say he's had combat
       experience."  Letterman adds that Monday was just a
       typical autumn scene in Washington: "Squirrels gathering
       shell casings."

       Comic Argus Hamilton says there's a reason Republicans are
       demanding better presidential protection: "If something
       happens to Clinton, they'll have to run on THEIR record."

       Comedy writer Bob Mills on White House security: "Experts
       recommended barring access to people who really have no
       business there...such as Michael Dukakis, Dan Quayle and
       Ross Perot.

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