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8 Nov
Bokays $3.99 -- Explained

Date: Tue,  8 Nov 94 13:19:44 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Bokays $3.99 -- Explained

[Leave it to Daniel to dig out the real story behind the story... -psl]

From: (Daniel Steinberg)
Subject: Re: Bokays $3.99

> a sign on a display of fresh flowers said "Bokays, $3.99."...
> I have seen signs for "bokays" cropping up like dandelions in the last year.

That's because Bokays are actually a type of flower that was recently
hybridized by a Florida horticulturist.  They are a cross between
carnations and dandelions.  They were part of a hybridization experiment
in which various flowers were cross-pollinated with dandelions in order
to increase their proliferation.  The A group was roses, the B group
carnations, the C group chrysanthemums, etc.  The B group was the first
success.  In the experimenter's notebook was the notation:
	A fail
	B okay
Hence, the name of the flower (Dandynation sounded too dopey, and
Carnelion was already trademarked by the gemstone industry).  The other
notable success was a cross using gladiolas, but the funeral industry
balked at spreading Dandyglads all around their caskets.

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