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11 Nov
How to install a new mother board

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 94 02:07:35 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: How to install a new mother board

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From: Peter Barnes (

 *  Read these instructions before use this board, and save for later
 *  When installing the CPU, please ensure that pin 1 of the CPU
    is placed at the same corner as the pin 1 of the socket. Otherwise
    may be damage the CPU.
 *  Do not use this products near water, if liquid has been spilled into
    the board or has been exposed to water may causing the board
    can not work properly.
 *  Place in an safty and stable cart or table, if the board has been
    dropped may causing serious damage.
 *  Please check the power connector of power supply are connected
    the board correctly before send power to the board.
 *  Do not leave or fall any metal/conductive item (like screw .....) on
    the board, otherwise the board will on vacation permanently
    when power on.

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