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11 Nov
PCOTD (Political Commentary Of The Day)

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 94 11:02:28 PST
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Subject: PCOTD (Political Commentary Of The Day)

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       David Letterman, on the ugly campaign: "You look at some
       of these races around the country, and you think it's just
       a damn shame somebody has to win.

       Jay Leno, on Michael Huffington saying that California's
       United States Senators are the "Thelma and Louise" of
       American politics: "That has to be tough for them, being
       attacked by the Forrest Gump of American politics.

       Leno, on how desperate the U.S. candidates are in
       Virginia: "Oliver North told the truth, and Chuck Robb had
       sex with his own wife."

       Comedy writer Bob Mills, on Arianna Huffington at the
       polls: She said she not only voted for Mike, she also had
       an `out-of-voting-booth experience.'"

       "Ted Kennedy compares himself to George Foreman: It makes
       sense. They're both old, they're both overweight and
       they're always hitting on someone." -- Conan O'Brien

       "Republicans haven't been this gleeful since the invention
       of the tax loophole." -- Albert Perrotta

       "Charles Robb said he would celebrate his reelection by
       taking his little lady dancing. It wasn't known how Mrs.
       Robb would celebrate.  --  Michael O'Conner

       "I'm wondering where Mike Huffington is watching election
       returns -- from his hotel suite in Houston? Or Dallas?"
       -- (Mike Nolan/KFI)

       "Arianna's already demanding a recount: She can't believe
       Mike spent $28 million." -- Michael O'Conner

       "One reason Huffington lost is that many of his supporters
       were John-Roger followers and therefore not registered to
       vote in this lifetime." -- Tony Peyser

       "Huffington may have lost the election, but with all this
       talk about an INS conspiracy, he did get a job with Oliver
       Stone."  -- Larry Swerdlow

       "Ollie lost his Senate bid because his campaign didn't
       have a colonel of truth to it." -- Eric Cocks

       "Ironically, if Ollie had won, he would have been assigned
       the same seat he testified in." -- Conan O'Brien

       "Analysts say Sonny Bono's election to Congress was not so
       much an affirmation of his platform as it was a
       repudiation of Cher's last two albums."  -- Tony Peyser

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