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11 Nov
New Nuclear Storage Facilities

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 94 11:16:13 PST
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Subject: New Nuclear Storage Facilities

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This was in the RISKS digest this week.  Talk about just rewards...

In another incident, the radioactive coolant water was being drained from
a reactor.  This submarine (not the Gitarro) was in drydock.  The usual
procedure is to cut a hole in the hull and run the water out a pipe into
a cement mixer.  The radioactive water is used to make cement and trucked
to Hanford, Washington (about 800 miles) for "disposal".


The above mentioned cement mixer was stolen by the truck driver assigned
to deliver the radioactive concrete to Hanford.  He was caught -- after
he had used the mixer to pour a backyard patio at his house.

[Good idea -- he doesn't need a bug zapper or patio lights.  --spaf]

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