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13 Nov
What goes up...

Date: Sun, 13 Nov 94 19:05:29 PST
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Subject: What goes up...

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From: Steve Rosen - Chicago.  Member of the "Volo Bogtrotters" String Band
	N.B.: mention of a string band counts as BG (or OT) content...

It seems that two fellows from the U.P. (AKA Toyvo and Eno) were
driving down a highway in their jeep when a very large, obviously
pregnant and ready to deliver woman stepped off of the curb and
began to cross in front of their car.  With a squeal of brakes, and
half of the tires left on the highway, the two came to a stop about
2 inches from the woman.  One of our friends rolled down the window
and yelled to the woman, "I can tell you one thing, you can get
knocked down too!"

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