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Weirdness [351] - 28 Oct 1994

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Subject: Weirdness [351] - 28 Oct 1994

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.351 (News of the Weird, October 28, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* Former hostage Terry Anderson, who was kidnaped by terrorists in Beirut
in 1985 and held for nearly seven years, filed a lawsuit against 13 federal
agencies in September because they refused to release U. S.  government
documents pertaining to the kidnaping.  Among the agencies' rejection
letters was one from the Drug Enforcement Administration, which said it
would not release records unless Anderson provided an "original notarized
authorization" from his captors waiving their privacy rights. [Washington
Post, 10-3- 94]

* Reuters news service reported last fall that a bank robbery in a suburb
of Sydney, Australia, was thwarted when three men, aged 69, 70, and 85,
pinned the 18- year-old robber to the ground and held him until police
arrived. [Chicago Tribune-Reuter, 11-17-93]

* The Leesburg (Fla.) Daily Commercial reported in December on the response
of shoplifting suspect Darlene Oar, 25, when asked for personal ID by
Officer Scott Gray at the station house.  When Gray asked Oar her color of
hair, Oar allegedly stood up, pulled her pants down to her knees, and asked,
"Why don't you look?" Oar was warned she would face additional charges if
she continued to expose herself. [The Daily Commercial, 12- 31-93]

* A 27-year-old man in Salt Lake City reported in September that a burglar
had taken $50 and a bottle of Rogaine, and that the thief had probably
entered through an open bathroom window in his apartment.  The victim said
he usually leaves the bathroom window open so that he can come and go
freely, without neighbors' knowledge, while dressed as a woman. [Salt Lake
Tribune, 9-25-94]

* The Sumter (S. C.) Item newspaper reported in September that state Rep.
Grady Brown, on at least seven occasions this year, paid constituents'
utility company bills out of his campaign treasury, but that he saw nothing
wrong with the practice, which he called "common."  Said Brown, "A person
is not going to vote for you for that reason." [Charleston Post & Courier-
AP, 9-28-94]

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