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22 Nov
Ig Nobel Ceremony on radio this Friday!!!

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 94 20:43:35 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Ig Nobel Ceremony on radio this Friday!!!

From: <marca@MIT.EDU>

The 1994 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony will be broadcast nationwide
this Friday (Nov. 25) on National Public Radio's
"Talk of the Nation / Science Friday" program.

This is a slightly edited three dimensional recording of the 
event as it took place at MIT.  It features:

	* Announcements of the 10 Ig Nobel Prizes

	* Acceptance speeches by three of the winners, including 
	  Dr. Robert Lopez (who won for the experiments in which he inserted
	  cat ear mites into his own ear); Dr. Brian Sweeney (co-author
	  of "Constipation in the US Serviceman - A Comprehensive Study");
	  and Dr. Richard Dart (co-winner of the Medicine Prize for treating
	  the rattlesnake bite victim who had first tried to cure himself
	  by having his lip connected to a jeep sparkplug wire and the jeep
	  engine revved to 3000 rpm for 5 minutes).

	* Speeches, literary flights, and warnings from eight genuine
	  Nobel Laureates

	* The 30-second Heisenberg Certainty Lectures

	* Special guest appearances by The Norwegian Consul, Ira Flatow,
	  Margaret Geller, Marvin Minsky, Cynthia Freind, Jerome Lettvin,
	  Mr. Cheap, and Dr. Bruce Colvin, the rat control scientist 
	  from Boston's Central Artery Reconstruction project.

	* The "Returning Ig Nobel Laureate's Address" by Jim Knowlton
	  (Ig Nobel Art Prize 1992), creator of the poster "Penises of
	  the Animal Kingdom

	* Special Musical Performaces by jazz harpist Deborah Henson-

	* The world premier of the ballet "Interpretive Dance of the
	  Electrons" featuring three Nobel Laureates Lipscomb,
	  Herschbach and Roberts and The Nicola Hawkins Dancers"

The Ig Nobel Ceremony will comprise the second hour of the 2-hour
Science Friday program.  In most parts of the US it will be
broadcast at 3-4 pm Eastern Time, but please check local listings.
[In particular: the broadcast time is different in NYC and DC.]

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