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22 Nov
Nearly Fiddle Favorites

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 94 21:21:19 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Nearly Fiddle Favorites

[It all started with someone innocently asking "what are the best songs from
Bob Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys?"  To which the answers came back: Footprints
In The Rain, Cyan Moon of Kentucky, Dog Skinner Blues, Aunt Penn, and so on. 
Now it's becoming its own art form... -psl]

Subject:      Fiddle Favorites

>     A friend of mine has recently taken up the fiddle and asked me
>for a list of the most popular standards.  Here's what I've come up
>with thus far.  Can you think of any others I may have missed?

Well, you might get her to practice on some of these:

Red Eyed Boy (aka Soldier With a Wooden Nutmeg, or Little Bugger Man)
Turkey In The Breadpan
Devil's REM
Arkansas Toothpick
Big Sandy Koufax
Physically Challenged Creek
St. Anne's Artificial
Ragtime Cowboy Annie
Angeline the Fry Cook
Cotton Patch Tampon
Say Old Man Can You Play The Horses
Cattle In The Bedroom
Notsucha Goodin
Melanic Aristocracy
Bully of the Schoolground
Forkey Tongue
Leather Underwear
Paddy on the Turnstile
Lawyer Cheatham
Civilian's Joy
Shaving A Dead Honky
Give The Fiddler A Fifth
That One That Goes Like This: deedle deedle dee deedle dee dee deedle...

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