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23 Nov
One More Reason to Read the Net

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 14:01:46 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: One More Reason to Read the Net

[Looking for that "special place?" ... -psl]

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From: (Dr G Faustus)
Newsgroups: alt.out-of-body
Subject: Soul Puller

Someone or something tried to pull the soul out of me via the back of my
head. Lots of people I know who are dead would wish to do this as I am
not popular with the deceased.

Can anyone suggest a way of pissing the dead off? What do I have to do? Do
I just tell them they are dead and I'm not over and over again or shall
I urinate in a special place.

I am serious, one of the spirits is out to get me and its not Vodka.

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