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29 Nov
Let's Say A Prayer...

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 17:16:40 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Let's Say A Prayer...

From: Mary Fleischman <>

In case you missed this in Sunday's PI letters to the editor:

  Say what?  Prayer in the schools?  The Republican's want prayer in the 
schools?  The apostles of limited government want a committee of 
bureaucrats to impose a state prayer on a captive audience of innocent 
children?  Am I missing something here?
  Who is going to write the prayer?  Personally, I'd like a committee of 
Catholic bishops to write it.  I'm not a Catholic myself, or even 
particularly religious, but I had some nice Catholic professors at 
Seattle University, and if a nun or priest is good, a bishop must be 
better.  I'm sure the Pope is too busy to write a prayer for my school 
district, so a committee of bishops will have to do.
  I'd really prefer a calm, nonsectarian moment of silence.  As an 
all-too-often totally harassed and harried junior high teacher, there are 
days I'd give almost ANYTHING for a moment of silence in my classroom.  
Please, God, let it be a Friday, during seventh period.
  I suppose if we really do believe in God, we should pray to Him (Her?) 
at every available opportunity.  In fact, if this whole business is as 
important as I think it is, we should probably just bag the whole notion 
of schooling and spend all our time in prayer and meditation.  The 
possible consequences of evoking the divine wrath are too horrid to 
contemplate.  After all, the Democrats ignored their obligation to God, 
and look what happened to them.
					Jon S. Holdaway

[Although I agree with Jon's underlying point, I really wish, as a junior high
school teacher, he (she?) knew how to form the plural of Republican... -psl]

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